Sunday, 1 June 2014

Faking the Location

As part of our testing we have location services and it becomes a bit of a PITB to do testing as we have to get our friends etc to help us test or I use SauceLabs to use a remote desktop.  But if you are using Chrome Browser, there is an easier way!

Use the Developer tools (F12) and then press ESC to open the console and then voila, there is an option to change the sensors... including putting a different Longitude and Latitude in!  Wonderful!

I grabbed the full instructions here and just had to share!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Like 1000 -> 1500

We have over 1500 Facebook likes!
Yes we had to run an ad campaign but it's still good news.  Hopefully we'll start growing likes organically now rather than having to drive likes through a campaign!  We still have some marketing dollars to growing likes but we're still not sure if it's worthwhile... 

Here is a screenshot when we were superexcited about our like count ticking over the 1000 mark:

Communities and a tingle of anticipation

I wonder if all Founders get this frisson of excitement when they are working on a new product and think it's their real 'secret sauce' or the catalyst for the big things to come?

I certainly am feeling it right now, the anticipation and the excitement in amongst working hard on everything else from operational stuff and marketing stuff as well as the "need to earn some money" jobs I'm doing on the side.  I really don't have time to do all this stuff let alone spend some time blogging about a feeling I have!

But the sense of excitement is there.  The 'OMG this is going to be huge if we can get some traction' fear/excitement.  Dave and I talk about it occassionally but it's hemmed in by the day to day struggles we have with creating a flyer or setting up Facebook posts and shares and doing some business development, and testing.

But looking at the dev site and the JIRA tasks that are ready for testing or the new features we think about for the roadmap does give us a buzz.  I blogged about it today on the official Oddswop blog about it.  Just couldn't not share things.  It helps when our Business Development guys are also excited about it.  We hired them to help us out as we get too bogged down in everything else and feel that the key is to do some business development and get some communities onboard.  They went to a fair on the weekend and managed to get quite a few people excited.  But I wonder how many 'communities' we'll end up with.

We're currently testing out the category feature which allows unique categories to be created per community and those to be mapped to the main categories.  It's been interesting as there are some new 'main' categories which need to be added such as "food" even though it's not an area that is immediately obvious to have... even if I have listed a big bag of Fantales on there.

Here's a screenshot of the dev site's 'communities' page.  Some of these may even make it to the live site!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Kevin is my hero!

OK just finished watching episode 4 of Kevin McCloud's Man Made Home.  (On ABC iView).  I'm so behind the times with TV.  Anyway he's so embodies all of what I thought of when starting Oddswop in terms of re-use from local scrap etc.  Sent a DM to KM via twitter... (such a fan girl!) More in another blog post on Oddswop sometime...

Onto today's achievements...

Oddswop: managed to get all our operational tasks done.  Setup the Operational stats we want to measure and put down the first set of numbers.  We also went through some financials.  We had our weekly chat with Facebook and have left the Like campaign on.  Dave posted his last of the prepared videos.

I managed to talk to the guys at WWPD and I've got a heap of docs to read... sometime!  (I'm running out of that precious resource again).

99i -- weekly catchup.  I tried to avoid picking up additional work but I think I'll have to try and push out the newsletter.  I just need to find 1 hour to get this done... surely I can... I know I can...

IQS - setup Shopify and BigCommerce sites as demos and provide Steve access.  A good start at least.

Short and sweet.  I think I better make this blog private at least from spamming out to social networks.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Yikes!  I do like a good timebox, but to get the once a day blog I'll have to get this blog post done in a matter of < 15 minutes.  It's another late one.

So things I can think of that happened today:


We had our weekly Product and Tech meeting which went well.  Communities is pushing along which is great and we've got Categories and Geofencing discussed and into the sprint which is good.  We don't have an eta for the sprint as yet (I know we're doing it not as a proper timeboxed sprint but hey we can't have everything).  Andre apparently still hasn't liked our Facebook page!  But at least that's one more to add :)  and his friends... woot!  Our Likes are up over 800 now which is really good news.
I'll have to get cracking on some of the static pages so our SEO is boosted.  Btw our SEO isn't doing too badly although we're going to append the location data in.
Got the form for Biz Dev completed.
Learned some boostrap component around spans.  Geesh I wish I learn things properly rather than piecemeal.  Took me way too long to game the thing in the end... col-md-4 means you can fit 3 across (4 units out of 12 for the grid based on a medium ie normal screen).
Got a schedule together for operational / marketing / social tasks.  Really lots to do -- all of those tasks could take us 6 hours a day as it is... let alone the testing/product stuff and then the more strategic stuff!  I'm sure it will all pay off in the end!!
Connected Kick Off labs to the Mailchimp list
Started putting together a Social Media - what to use when doc.  Still a WIP.

Other stuff

WWPD - got hold of Shane!  Optus sounds like they are really stuffing things up by having numbers not work for people.
99i - a blog went out today!  Meetings confirmed for tomorrow.  We need it -- we really need to get a newsletter out this week.
IQS - didn't do much but need to get the Shopify account going and send Steve the BC site details.
SITA - will need to scope out the work from KSM before committing.
More work?  Oh no!  Got a call from Karen G which was really great!  She even had a great role but there is no way I could do anything there esp since it'd be a FT contract role.  But such a good location :(  and great person to work with and sounds like it'd be decent money!  Ah well.

Tool/s of the day: Pushbullet installed and working quite well!  Turned off a whole heap of notifications but still have a heap on and the good thing is Whatsapp now appears on my Chrome desktop...
Another tool I must recommend is Glympse!  Shows location in semi real time to whoever you message at the time.  And there is an expiry.  Highly recommend it.  Works on Android and I think iOS too.

OK timebox worked.  Not my best blog, but that's not the point.  Nighty night!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Posting - once a day?

So this will be ambitious but I think I can do it. 
It's easy to forget what you achieve if you don't record it and every day there is something new or something being done on Oddswop and 99interns and other startup work but I don't document beyond what's in correspondence and deliverables so it really would be good to put in writing the achievements of the day. I probably need to recap as well to some extent but that would take too long so I'll stick to the way I mean to go on and just put down what has been achieved (that I remember!) in the last 24 hours and the rest will have to just be assumed knowledge or retrospectives down the track!

Finished the 1 pager flyer for Communities (Feb edition).  Corresponded with Thomas and Wenee re the Biz Dev form which I'm half way through re-doing into Google Forms.  (Sent the one in the meantime so they can see what is needed to be gathered).  The 1 pager was meant to be in canva but I've been having troubles uploading pictures so I gave up and did it in Google docs instead.  Probably better from an editing point of view.  Created an "powered by" sub logo which can be used on communities.  It's pretty ... um... organic?  rustic?  but it does the job.
Did some facebook stuff (who knows what I did!!)  shared something and clicked on some likes etc.

Spoke to Sarah about her You Chews Muru-D adventures.
Looked at our backend after being prompted by Javier.  Could be a problem with some of listings going astray.  Need to look into it further...

Sent an emails to SITA re deliverables by one of the suppliers.  Such a PITB having to RDP into our Windows machine so I can use myDesktop to send an email :(  !!!
BangTango call to cancel the afternoon meeting and move me to Friday.  All OK except now I have a 1 hour meeting to go to which is a 3 hour return trip...
Meet with Steve from IQS at the Royal Albert hotel and discuss the merits of WP vs BigCommerce and Shopify.  We're to share the details and I'm to research a bit into Woocommerce and WPMU.  Both which look good by the by!  Shopify may be the answer though as they have a WP widget!
David from WWPD calls... but I haven't heard from Shane and with no ability to contact him I'm not sure what I can help them with..

AgileCRM looks cool -- free for 2 users but what is a campaign?

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Canva -- I love it!

I've been using Canva for a couple of weeks now and I LOVE it!

I heard about it from the startup circles, and it's currently in private beta but it's the best graphics tool online.  Seriously.

It's vector based and it's great for startups like Oddswop where we can use the tool pretty much for free. I've used it to build out banner type ads and although my graphic arts skills are not great it's in no way a reflection of the gorgeous stuff that Canva can do.

Want a sticker?  Want a menu?  What about an infographic?  It includes all the graphics you need to get something going.  And you can add (upload) your own graphics for free so in our case, logos and screenshots.

I'm just about to 'pretty up' our 1 page Executive Summary and opened the A4 page type templates (assume this would be "US Letter" format eventually too) and they layouts are so gorgeous that I just want to create posters!